Merete Tangstad

Professor @ Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Prof. Merete Tangstad took her MSc and PhD at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and has since 2004 been a professor at the same university. Previously she worked at Elkem and Eramet mainly focusing on Mn-ferroalloy production. Her main areas are silicon and ferroalloy production in Submerged Arc Furnaces ranging from raw materials, furnace operation and tapping. She has been co-authoring a number of books including Production of manganese ferroalloys (2007).



Research through academia, research institutions and industry.


The Ferroalloy producers research organization join the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, SINTEF and the Norwegian ferroalloy producers in research to promote the production of silicon and ferroalloys. For 30 years this organization has managed and performed research to keep the Norwegian ferroalloy producers in the technical forefront. It is based on the three axes of fundamental research, environmental research and recruitment. In the start it focused mainly on thermodynamic data, as the knowledge of 4 and 5 component systems was scarce in the beginning of the 90ties. Later the kinetics of the same reactions was studied. In the whole period the effect of various raw materials has been an important subject as well. Though it has always been present, the environmental research became of more interest, and today most of the research have an environmental driving force. Examples are the use of biocarbon and emissions like PAH and NOx. To enhance the fundamental knowledge of the production systems, industrial measurement campaigns are also a vital part of the work. Together this brings a new understanding and a couple of examples are e.g the excavation of industrial furnaces and measurement of temperatures, pressures and material flows.

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